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That'll teach the kid for falling into an offsides trap

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We're all at the same skill level, Jerry


Soccer fan punishes child's foul with karate

BERLIN (Reuters) - A 42-year-old German man was so enraged by a foul during a boys' soccer match that he invaded the pitch and felled the 8-year-old culprit with a karate kick, then jumped on him, police said on Wednesday.

"It seems likely the man was related to the player who was fouled, but it's not entirely clear at this point," said a spokesman for police in the southwestern town of Hassloch.

Other spectators, mostly parents of the children playing in the indoor match, piled in behind the angry spectator to restrain him and prevent any serious injuries to the boy.

The boy suffered bruising and grazes but was otherwise unharmed, police said. It was unclear if the man would be charged over the incident, the spokesman said.


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He was just trying to keep the kids off drugs and out of gangs.

:poke: We need an emoticon for opening a can of worms.

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