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Immigration-Amnesty Bill Failure Explained.

DKW 86

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I think you may be right. Here is a reply to my letter to my Georgia senators against this bill:

This is what they sent to the president. People all over are seeing this for what it is, AMNESTY.

Dear Mr. President:

Although the Senate's effort to reform our nation's immigration laws

through the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform


of 2007 is stalled, illegal immigration remains our nation's number one

domestic issue. We therefore believe it is incumbent upon us and our

colleagues to tackle this issue and not leave this problem for future

generations to solve.

As we travel around Georgia and continue to hear from our constituents,


message from a majority of Georgians is that they have no trust that


United States Government will enforce the laws contained in this new

legislation and secure the border first. This lack of trust is rooted


the mistakes made in 1986 and the continued chaos surrounding our

immigration laws. Understandably, the lack of credibility the federal

government has on this issue gives merit to the skepticism of many


future immigration reform.

We believe the way to build greater support for immigration reform in


United States Senate and among the American public is to regain the


in the ability of the federal government to responsibly administer

immigration programs and enforce immigration laws. There is bipartisan

agreement that we need to secure our borders first, and we believe this

approach will serve as a platform towards addressing the other issues

surrounding immigration reform.

To that end, we believe that you and your administration could


many of the fears of our constituents by calling for an emergency

supplemental bill to fully fund the border and interior security

initiatives contained in legislation currently pending in the Senate,


well as any outstanding existing authorizations. Such a move would show

your commitment to securing the border first and to stopping the flow


illegal immigrants and drugs into our nation. It will also work towards

restoring the credibility of the federal government on this critical


We urge you to carefully consider this request, and thank you for the

opportunity to express the views of the people of Georgia on this



Saxby Chambliss

Johnny Isakson

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