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Josh Moon's latest article about $aban

AU alum

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Sorry I'm late getting this posted. It was from 6/22/07. I thought you'd enjoy this.


COMMENTARY: Customers always write about Saban

By Josh Moon

Despite the amazing amount of nonsense displayed in last week's mailbag, my bosses here asked for more this week. So here's the latest round of letters after last week's column defending UA head coach Nick Saban.

First up, Joe from Prospect, Tenn.:

You sure do have thin skin for a sports writer, if that is what you call yourself. No BAMA fans I know gives any credence to anything you say. BAMA will be back soon, and the man who everyone wants to be around will be Nick Saban, not tub-o-ears at the cow college.

It's apparent that actually reading the columns before responding to them isn't a popular practice among the Crimson Tide faithful. I write an entire column defending Saban and this guy's still not satisfied. And Joe, I hate to tell you this, but 'Bama's already back. Been back for two years now. Sports Illustrated told me so. Of course, that was before another pitiful season under Shula, another loss to Auburn and another fired head coach. So, maybe it slipped back into the coma. My condolences.

From David from Birmingham:

Please understand we do not care if coach Saban ever talks to the media again.

Sure, Dave. You're the guy who has just e-mailed a sports writer in response to a column, couldn't care less about the media coverage of Saban. Riiiiiiight.

From Brandon in North Carolina:

Some members of the media are below him and are a bother to him. Unfortunately you are one of them.

So, you're saying that I am to Saban what you are to me?

From William in Montgomery:

Somebody said "what is true is not always popular . . ." Seems like that fits in this situation.

Why, William, you sly and astute gentleman, I thank you for the compliment and the note. I'm just afraid your common sense is lost amongst the goofballs.

From James:

It will be interesting to see how the University handles all this negative PR in the future and you made really good points in that respect. I will be reading in the future with interest, and that is the bottom line, right?

Surprisingly enough, James, I don't receive any extra money for increased Web site hits. I could rake in 80,000 hits a day and it wouldn't benefit me whatsoever. I need to talk to someone about that. Oh, and thanks for the compliments.

From J. Shipp:

Told us what? Told old us that Cowturd and others whos' carreer hinges on one football coach in America is incredibly stupid for taking a job that pays 4M per year refuses to try to "buddy up" to a bunch of irresponsible clowns making just over minimum wage"?

I'm thinking one of two things happened here. Either someone allowed a toddler to play on the Internet or the writing of this email occurred several hours after it was discovered that Pabst Blue Ribbon was on sale at the local Wal-Mart.

From Jeannie:

I may be in the minority, but I think you're right on target with both this article and the previous one on Nick Saban.

The minority? If you're in the minority, you can at least take comfort in knowing you're right. They'll all come around soon enough.

From Bobby in Montgomery:

I read your story on Sunday, there were some parts in the middle that I wished weren't true. But I enjoyed the entire story, and like it or not, it's true and I enjoyed reading it.

You've got to respect honesty. See how easy that was for Bobby? I know this sort of admission would hurt some of you. But hey, when I'm right, I'm right. It's time to give me my due.

That's all for this week. We'll try it again seven days from now.

Josh Moon is a sports writer for the Montgomery Advertiser. He can be reached at jmoon@gannett.com.

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