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Not the Dim base - The dim leadership,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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Dean: Republicans are like … Milosevic

Howard Dean, keeping the hate alive in Denver:

"You see, the Republicans are very, very good at dividing people. You know, they’re always … you gotta be mad because this group is against that and that group doesn’t get that. That’s terrible for the country, but it’s a time-honored way to win elections, and people use it in all kinds of different countries … Slobodan Milosevic used it in Yugoslavia!"

Howard Dean in January:

“I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for…”

Howard Dean in February:

“This is a struggle between good and evil and we’re the good.”

Now, after the identity-politics meltdown that the entire nation witnessed in the Democratic primaries this cycle, and with Dean’s own quotes as context, which party seems more obsessed with group think — Democrats or Republicans? Which party set factions against each other more in 2008, all the way to the convention — Democrats or Republicans? Which candidate launched multiple, unfounded smears of racism — Barack Obama or John McCain?

Poor Howard Dean. In the end, all he has is hate.


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Note to runinred63, you sanctimonious little Pharisee.

You spouted off defending the dem base.

Not only are you uneducated about Democrats, you are shameless for trying to present the fringe elements of society as the base of the party. These loons don't represent me or any other progressive in this country. What you've tried to do is the equivalent of me posting a picture of David Duke to portray Republicans. Classless TM, even for you.

But low and behold you fail to speak up when it is your dim leadership.

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Howard dean is a complete loon. Even one of the heavy dems on fox said last night that they still don't understand how he rose to his position.

He belongs in sopme of the kook parades going on in denver at the convention.

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