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OMG OMG OMG.... If you have any Auburn blood in you, you should be gettin fired up.... nobody in this country is given us a chance... and i am sick and tired of hearing it...i am sick to my stomach hearing from bama fans about just how bad they are gonna beat.... Get ready you stikin A$$ bama fans cause we are coming and we are coming full force!!!! Jordan Hare will be rockin friday!!!! OMG(oh my god) I HATE BAMA and everything to do with them including their midget A$$ coach(who to mention CANNOT ride any rides at the fair because he's not tall enough)!!!!

Note to Ted Roof: Bring the house Friday, brings blitz's from everywhere make greg mccannuts beat uswith his arm and we win!!!!! Let Eltro Freeman Craig Stevens and Josh Bynes loose!!!!!

I got this feeeling we will tear TOOMERS CORNER apart FRIDAY......34.30 AUBURN ....WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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