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I went ahead and planned everyone's holiday for them..


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Dec 7: Buy your tickets to the Outback Bowl

Dec 25th: Spend Christmas with your family.....ask for lots of new Auburn attire

Dec 30th: Pack your Auburn attire and prepare yourself for departure to Tampa, FL

Dec 31st: Celebrate the New Year in the lovely Tampa Bay area with not only your immeadiate family, but members of your Auburn family as well.

Jan 1st: 10 AM - Begin to fill Raymond James Stadium to support the Auburn football team and help send the seniors out in style as they Beat the hell outta Wisconsin

6PM - Head to dinner and finish out the rest of the night celebrating an Auburn victory

Jan 2nd: 9AM- Check out of your hotel room and make the short drive to St. Petersburg for the Under Armour All American game at Tropicana Field

10AM - begin to fill the seats at Tropicana Field with seas of Orange and Blue to support Auburn's 6 All American recruits as they play one of their final games before putting on the Orange and Blue. As well as show the top recruits in the nation why Auburn is the greatest university with the greatest fan base in the country. The coaches and players arent the only thing to help build a program...the fans are very much a part of it. They can make a difference....BE THE DIFFERENCE!!!

3PM - pack up and head to the beach or home knowing you did all you could to support your university and make a positive impression to not only football recruits, but local tampa citizens, as well as the visiting fans from Wisconsin.

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anytime i mentioned wisconsin in the OP, just substitute Northwestern. Looks like that is who we are playing instead. It'll be I think the first time, so a perfect opportunity to show them the class of the Auburn family.

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You gonna pay for my trip? If so I am so down!

start selling some things you dont use that often or need very much. ask your church to donate funds. :)

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