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Out of character, Nick Saban did a radio interview today. Some of the dialogue can be found on Outkick the Coverage. So, in a time when sensitive information is being hammered out about suitgate, Saban provides an interview to Ian Fitzsimmons in Dallas. You may recognize the name. Fitzsimmons was the host who had an inside track on Mississippi State's dealings with Cecil Newton & Kenny Rogers.

Further, Joe Schad had "sources" throughout the Cam ordeal that spread half-truths (and no-truths). He never had any interest in asking Auburn about the situation. Now, Schad has a "source" within the Alabama athletic department that says they are all clear. No investigative reporting, just source quoting.

So, in two separate situations, Ian Fitzsimmons and Joe Schad have been mixed into these stories.

First, there is now NO DOUBT in my mind that Alabama was behind the major pushes with poor Cam information.

Second, the story of how or why certain media people carry Alabama's water might be interesting.

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I think timing had a lot to do with it as well (the difference between the Cam story and this). When the Cam story broke he was on his way to a Heisman and Auburn on their way towards a National Championship. It was a story that would sell every week until football was over with.. and even then some.

Had this same story broke during the season last year... there's no doubt in my mind it would've been a story listened to.

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