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"Please call the police"


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Conn. police free sex shop customer from handcuffs

Thursday, March 29, 2012

(03-29) 17:26 PDT Orange, Conn. (AP) --

There's a new twist for police in Orange, Conn.: They've had to break a man out of handcuffs.

Assistant Chief Ed Koether tells the Connecticut Post newspaper ( http://bit.ly/HoMRcs) officers were called Thursday afternoon to an adult entertainment store in Orange, a town just west of New Haven. The man had been trying on the cuffs and locked himself in a pair.

Koether says shop employees couldn't get the man free and called the fire department and then police.

The cuffs were similar to the kind police officers carry. But Koether says the officers tried several keys that didn't work. The handcuffs had to be removed with bolt cutters.

Koether says he doesn't know if the man had to pay for the broken handcuffs.



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I read the headline, and the words FREE SEX just jump off the screen.

Is that wrong ?

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