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Well it's changing again: Obama: "Buffett Rule not for equality"


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First it was to cut the deficit and debt. Then it was for fairness. Now it's for economic growth.

This is class warfare plain and simple. It is also an attempt to offer up the rich as a panacea to the revenue problem blamed as the reason we’ve seen government borrow multi-trillions of dollars.

Obama: Buffett Rule not for equality


4/15/12 7:40 PM EDT

CARTAGENA, Colombia — President Barack Obama argued Sunday that his calls for wealthier Americans to pay a greater share of taxes aren’t about sharing the wealth, but about getting the American economy on a path for solid growth.

“That is not an argument about redistribution. That is an argument about growth,” Obama said in response to a reporter’s question at a news conference in Colombia. “In the history of the United States, we grow best when our growth is broad based.” (Broad based growth is not driven by heavily taxing one income class, Mr. Obama. Nor is broad based growth driven by government spending (i.e. “redistribution” or “sharing the wealth”). Broad based growth is driven by private enterprises having confidence in the economy and finding incentives to invest in both business and hiring.)

One of the themes of the Summit of the Americas meeting Obama attended here over the weekend was tackling poverty and inequality. That dovetails with aspects of Obama’s domestic message about unfairness in the tax code, but, as POLITICO noted here before the trip, it also left an opening for critics to paint him as emulating some in the Latin American left.

Asked about the parallels, Obama repeatedly sought to knock down any notion that his proposals, like the so-called Buffett Rule -- which is headed for a Senate vote Monday -- are aimed at spreading existing wealth around more evenly.

“This is not an argument about taking from A to give to B. This is not a redistributionist argument that we’re making. We’re making an argument about how do we grow the economy in a 21st century environment,” Obama said. (the words Obama has spoken speak to two things: ( a ) a deep seated ignorance of economics and ( b ) a deep seated belief that government is the answer to all ills. Both are dangerous and promise even more economic woes in our future. )


Don't bother arnaldo or slink everyone knows your response will be to blame Bush.

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Expect the "changing again" with the Obamacare adding to the deficit.

It'll turn into: "Don't you care about sick people? People with pre-existing conditions will now be covered. Kids can stay on their parents insurance longer. Republicans would rather give tax breaks to the most fortunate Americans than help sick people. You can't put a pricetag on that."

Delfect, deflect, deflect

Look at how puch political energy is being used for this "Buffett Rule." Is this noise supposed to make the strugglling middle class feel all warm and fuzzy inside? What a joke. I'll echo what jj3jordan said. How embarrassing. A lot of people support the Buffett Rule but it's more symbolic than token.

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