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Tax Equity and the Growth in Nonpayers


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July 25, 2012

Tax Foundation: Tax Equity and the Growth in Nonpayers

http://taxprof.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c4eab53ef0176169d626b970c-150wiTax Foundation: Tax Equity and the Growth in Nonpayers:

  • In 2010, 41% of all tax returns filed had no income tax liability. This represents over 58 million income tax filers.
  • Nonpayers have grown substantially over the last two decades. In 1990, only about 21 percent of returns had no tax liability, about half of what it is today.
  • The expansion of tax credits is the primary driver of the increased number of nonpayers. The budgetary cost of tax credits reached $224 billion in 2010.
  • Though most nonpayers of the income tax are generally low income, the number of nonpayers in middle income categories has grown. The median income of nonpayers has increased by 40% over the last 9 years.
  • The threshold at which a typical married couple with two children will likely be a nonpayer is now $47,000.


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