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FL Republican Congressman Blasts Pelosi For Giving "Communist News Network" A Desk inside the Capitol Building To Cover The Jan6 Hearings. Deletes Tweet After Being Told That CNN Is Just using a Greenscreen Backdrop.

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Not very surprising that a Republican Congressman doesn't understand how television and news works, but don't worry you can totally trust these guys to accurately inform you about what is "Fake News" and what is real. 





This is the same guy who a couple of weeks ago was on a video call from his home in a hearing on gun violence when he starting fumbling around with his guns on the video call, dropping the clips as he tries to 'school' Democrats on guns and when a Democrat quipped that he "Hopes those guns aren't loaded" Steude remarks that he can "Do whatever he wants with his guns in his own home" 


A lot of dead kids and innocents from accidental gunshots because many gun owners have that same philosophy, though it would have been funny if Greg had accidently shot a hole in his roof while playing around with his guns like on all those Youtube videos. 





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Deleting the tweet won't really affect the result. All the Trumpists picked up on it immediately, spread it around. It is now incorporated into the corpus of Conspiracy Theory lore. And his wingnut credentials are solidified.


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13 hours ago, wcware said:

Bad timing for people from the Colbert Show to be arrested inside the capitol. Dumb

I think one of them was the guy who does Triumph the insult comic dog.

50 years to the day after the Watergate break-in, too...

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4 hours ago, CoffeeTiger said:


Well that cancer is spreading quickly and may soon become terminal. 

I'm hoping there's a ceiling.  Perhaps 25-30% of the population (which is certainly bad enough).

Thank God - and the few patriotic Republicans who are making it possible - for the Jan. 6 hearings.  I think they are having an effect.

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