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Journey On by Ty Herndon


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SIAP.  I haven't seen it on here.  This is a very touching song to raise awareness of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).  The person talking in the beginning and featured in the video is former Alabama Star and NFL Star Kevin Turner who is suffering from the disease.  All Proceeds from all itune and CD sales goes to The Kevin Turner Foundation. 

I know Kevin and know of his illness but somehow I just found out about this song and video.  Please take a look at it and forget about the rivalry for a few minutes.  Any support you can give to The Kevin Turner Foundation and ALS Research would be appreciated.


The first link is the youtube video.  The sound isn't the greatest.  The second is a brief story about the video. 


The Kevin Turner Foundation.


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What a beautiful song, and a touching story. It's good to see Ty Herndon doing well again.Maybe helping Kevin Turner will keep him sober.  I hope something can be done for Kevin and his family.

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