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Auburn vs. Kentucky


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Offensive Comparison

Score Pct: AU 45% UK 23%

TD Pct: AU 36% UK 15%

Punt Pct: AU 29% UK 38%

Turnover Pct: AU 10% UK 25%

Defensive Comparison

Score Pct: AU 14% UK 35%

TD Pct: AU 10% UK 27%

Punt Pct: AU 58% UK 22%

Turnover Pct: AU 18% UK 16%

Auburn clearly holds a distictive edge in every category except for forced-turnovers. This is the only hope that Kentucky has to make it a game against Auburn. Against USC, the Wildcats forced 5 turnovers, holding the Gamecocks to just 1 TD and 2 FG's. Both teams are averaging 12 possessions per game. In the event that the Cats forced the Tigers into 5 turnovers, Auburn would score 2-3 TD's on their remaining possessions.

For the season, UK has allowed 4 of 6 opponents to score at least 4 TD's. On the other hand, Auburn's defense has held 6 of their 7 opponents to 2 TD's or less. UK's only hope is to force at least 4-5 turnovers, cashing them into at least 20 points. Auburn has done a solid job, securing the football so a meltdown is highly unlikely. Even when they have turned the ball over ( 10 times ), our opponents have only scored 13 pts off the 10 gifts. Auburn has turned 16 forced-turnovers into 40 points.

Based on our trend to call off the dogs:

Auburn 34 Kentucky 10

Last week, Auburn opened up the offense, passing the ball on 1st down, 39% of the time during the first half. Prior to the Razorback game, the Tigers were only passing the ball 27% of the time on 1st down. If this trend continues, this game could get very ugly for the Wildcats.


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