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Social Security Reform


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interesting peek at America's opinion... of course, polls are polls.

Link to Poll

Says a Majority are in favor of idea, and 2/3 favor idea of private accounts for social security , IF people are allowed to NOT privatize their $$s if they choose not to.

its a rasmussen poll, btw.


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I don't have a clue, if it's a personal choice, why anyone would oppose this except maybe because no one has done a very good job of explaining it and people are suspicious of change. I retired from civil service and hence not covered by social security from that avenue (I do have enough time in with a private company to qualify for social security though). Several years ago, civil servants were given the option of investing in a Thrift Savings Plan to augment their retirement benefits, much like what is being proposed in civil service reform. The investment options are all good and not something people can speculate foolishly with. Thie has been a real boom for civil servants who eleted to do this and almost always will be since the stock/bond markets go up over any long period of time. If people don't even want to invest their funds in any stock/bond option, they can just leave their money in a fixed interest rate option where the rate is always much higher than they can get at a bank. And the real plus is people KNOW their money is there when they retire and don't have the uncertainty that exists in the current social security plan.

I'm surprised that Bush/republicans din't explain this better when it was discussed during the election campaign.

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