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fishy voting???


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usatoday article

this is how the coaches poll voting looked like for Cal and Texas

This week Last week


2nd 0 0

3rd 1 0

4th 27 39

5th 17 16

6th 10 6

7th 4 0

8th 2 0


2nd 1 1

3rd 3 1

4th 18 8

5th 23 33

6th 8 10

7th 5 6

8th 3 2

I wonder what the voting looks like for Auburn, OU, and USC. If anyone knows how to find that please let me know

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Cal received 1 3rd place vote

TX received 3 3rd place votes

Which would mean that 4 coaches voted AUBURN lower than 3rd.

No wonder those SOB's didn't want their votes to be made public! :angryfire:

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I don't have a problem with any coach putting AU, OU, USC, in any order, 1,2,or 3. I think it's a severe injustice to have any of those teams lower than 3. I think this is exactly why voting should be made public.

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From what we now know, thanks to Kelly Whiteside of USA Today, AT BEST, :au: 's Coaches Poll point breakdown would look like this:

1 - 9.33

2 - 34

3 - 10

4 - 8

This would give us a total of 1455 points. We have 1435 points. This means that there are major discrepancies in the coaches' votes, because at the top, 20 points is A LOT OF POINTS to make up.

There are all sorts of possible scenarios for :au: , but one thing is for sure - something fishy is going on. I wish someone would find out how to contact Whiteside and ask for an :au: breakdown.

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well 2 of the coaches are probably Tedford and Mack Brown. I can understand them helping their teams out. But who are the other 2? Probably one is OLE fat A** Phil. I wish we could find out.

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Now that Cal has been voted out of a BCS bowl Tedford is saying that it is wrong for the votes to be kept private. He is sounding off that the votes should be made public. Good PR Mr. Tedford, especially since there is little chance of that happening. :no:

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