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War Eagle


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I haven't posted in a while. Still trying to take all this in. I am so thankful I lived to see a season like this one. 12-0. Somebody pinch me. I went to the Titans vs. Bears game a few weeks back. My seat was 4 rows from the top of the upper deck, around the 35 yard line. Very good time had by all, a great game. Chicago won in overtime with a safety. Anyway, as I was reaching my seat before the game I was almost there and I heard an quiet old scraggly "war eagle". I looked up and to my surprise I found an older gentlemen in an AU HAT sitting directly in front of my seat. We exchanged hello's and war eagle's and shook hands. Ever so often he wud turn half around and have something to say. The first was about Jason Campbell's play this season. The next was about the Georgia game and how we dominated them. Then later on, after half time. He turned and said "Son, I have been watching Auburn Football since the 50's and have never seen a team like this one." This has been a special year. Glad I was here to see it and experience it. War Eagle and Merry Christmas to all! Beat the Hokies! :au:

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