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"jumping the shark:" that moment when everyone in the room now KNOWS that you can no longer be counted on for intelligent, rational, RELEVANT thought.



WH: No, Seriously, The Terrorist Attack on That Kosher Deli Was 'Random'

Feb 10, 2015

Moral clarity seems to be in short supply within the Obama administration. Following the simultaneous terrorist attacks at
Charlie Hebdo's
editorial offices and a kosher deli, the White House failed to send a high-level American representative to a powerfully defiant march through the streets of Paris the following weekend. Team Obama
this was an error, admitting that they
the protest was going to be such a big deal. It turned out that the administration hadn't even given preliminary consideration the president's attendance; the Attorney General was in France that day, but declined to attend the march, citing dubious scheduling conflicts. Last week, the president set off a firestorm of criticism by
at the annual National Prayer Breakfast not to ride a "high horse" regarding ISIS because terrible acts had also been carried out in the name of Christianity in the past. Jonah Goldberg -- not a Christian, I might add -- dissected Obama's facile comments in a
. Even some
felt compelled
the president for his tone deaf and strange moral equivalency -- in which he refused to identify ISIS with Islam, but happily pinned last sins on people purporting to act in the name of Christ. The
that radical Islamists having nothing to do with Islam is a recurring, politically-correct theme within administration talking points. Then came Obama's
with the
, in which the president characterized terrorists' decision to target a Kosher deli as "random:"

He followed up with the non-sequitur that those murdered weren't selected "by name." The State Department's Jen Psaki regurgitated the party line, performing parsing torture on her answers. When asked if the Kosher deli was chosen by flaming, murderous anti-Semites because of the incandescently obvious Jewish connection,
to "speak on behalf of French authorities," or something:

Bizarre, useless moral confusion and evasion.
Of course
this was an anti-Semitic attack.
Of course
anti-Semitism is a huge problem within Muslim communities, both in the Middle East and throughout Europe. What is the purpose of American authorities dancing around those realities? The administration seems so fixated on promulgating the
that Islamist radicalism is entirely divorced from Islam that they're willing to make fools of themselves in doing so. Yair Rosenberg
that Obama actually
labeled this attack an act of anti-Semitic in the recent past, so at least part of this ridiculous spectacle is an effort to rescue Obama from a potentially damaging rhetorical slip-up
a la

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Watching Josh Ernest and Jen Psaki defend Obama's "random" remarks was painful and made them look like the court jesters they really are.. Frankly, the POTUS, in all of his smug intellectual arrogance, is making himself look more and more out of touch with reality with his denials of the MO of Islamic Extremism that is targeting Jews and Christians simply because of their religions.

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Funny he should bring up big city crime, w/ his boy Rahm doing such a bang up job in his home town of Chicago.


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Funny he should bring up big city crime, w/ his boy Rahm doing such a bang up job in his home town of Chicago.


The reason they're doing so well in Chi-Town is because they along with DC, another "virtually crime free" area :-\ is because they have the strictest gun ownership laws in the country. :hellyeah:

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