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I remember clearly when Belle, "War Damn Corgi" walked over to her water dish and splashed water everywhere right before the bammer field goal attempt. I looked at her with a scolding frown knowing good and well that I had a huge mess to clean up.

Before I fussed at her, she growled at me as if to say; "Do not dare scold me because something big is fixing to happen." I relaxed in my favorite chair ready to settle down for an overtime win. About the time the bammer kick kicked the ball, she came over to me and growled then gave me 1 short and steady bark that lasted one second. It was then when I realized that number 11 was streaking down the field about one second from scoring. Belle looked at me and gave me one of her yodeling sounds that means she is a happy and content little fierce Corgi.

Now you know another War Damn Corgi story from the Doc. Belle has been talking to me about doing a book called "War Damn Corgi" that will span all 9.75 years of her wonderful years as the official "War Damn Corgi" Stand by my fellow Auburn fans...Good things are on their way.

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