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Thanksgiving Dinner


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It’s the annual Thanksgiving addition of Joe vs. Pro. If SEC teams were Thanksgiving dishes…

Vanderbilt, banana pudding (everyone’s favorite dessert).

Texas A&M, cranberry sauce (is it really necessary).

Tennessee, hush puppies (talks too much).

South Carolina, creamed corn (underappreciated).

Ole Miss, bourbon (liquidated).

Mississippi State, mac & cheese (the perfect crossroads).

Missouri, pizza (why are you here?)

LSU, shrimp and grits (weird, but in a good way).

Kentucky, honey glazed ham (better around Easter time).

Georgia, pecan pie (hard to get right).

Florida, sweet potato casserole (can get a little nutty)

Auburn, fried turkey (can go up in flames).

Arkansas, stuffing (full of itself).

Alabama, giblet gravy (covers everything)

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Gotta love the Missouri reference. Perfect!

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Alabama - fruitcake. Everyone gets one, nobody wants one. Fits their fanbase too. 

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Miss St will always be the relatives who no one invited and overstay their welcome as long as cousin Eddie Dan Mullen is there! lol

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Now as to the mashed potatoes...Missouri, Florida, or West Vance after Saturday?

P.S. Just finished Thanksgiving dinner in Georgia with VERY, VERY UBER QUIET Georgia family... ??

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