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American "soft" power


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Speaking of Bush 41, here's an article that immediately brought him to mind.  He was very effective in understanding and marshaling US soft power

Trump is squandering this legacy. I trust it can be rebuilt, but it will take a clear refutation of Trump and his policies. 


Is Trump undermining America’s most persuasive form of global power?

For decades, the United States has sustained its status as the global superpower by combining the promotion of democratic values and the strength of American culture around the world with its military might. Those dual paths of influence are known as soft power (persuasion using cultural influence) and hard power (coercion typically using military force).

But President Trump’s bombastic rhetoric and the “America First” agenda is eroding U.S.’ soft power, experts say, and, in turn, is damaging the interests of the very Americans Trump says he wants to help.......



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