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Defending the Rioters


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4 hours ago, Auburn85 said:


CNN and many others are putting out a false narrative. People are listening. In fact, 99.9% of the US is absolutely against what the bad cops did by murdering Mr. Floyd. The current administration immediately got the DOJ and FBI involved in the case. All of the officers have been charged and arrested. 

Also, people were listening and taking significant action before this tragedy. Criminal justice reform was finally accomplished in recent years. Opportunity zones have been put in place in major cities and they are working. Unemployment for blacks was at or near an all time low prior to Covid-19. Wages for blacks were increasing significantly also prior to Covid-19. Studies even by left leaning sources showed police brutality and police killings in decline. 

No doubt we can always do better, but to say people were not listening prior to this terrible and emotional event is not supported at all by the facts. 

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