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The 2nd Amendment is just fine. The Supreme Court and GOP are not

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To the editor: Don't blame the founders for our inability to curb gun violence. ("How many times has Biden said, 'We've got to act' on guns? What's taking so long?" Opinion, May 25)

If the words that start the 2nd Amendment — "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state" — were respected, a person who wanted a gun would be required to first enlist in a local militia. They would take an oath to never use their gun except in defense of their home or community. The enlistee would then be required to follow the chain of command and regularly appear to prove proficiency in the maintenance and use of their weapon.

Because our Supreme Court has not upheld the 2nd Amendment, we live in a country that is neither secure nor free.

Ralph Tropf, Los Angeles


To the editor: As an African American who is pro-2nd Amendment but reasonable about it, I have my concerns.

We tend to speed-read over the first words: "A well-regulated militia." We are individuals interpreting the 2nd Amendment as if it would work in the present time.

With that being said, the militia groups that have formed are (mostly) in place for nefarious reasons. The racial tensions and political division in this country have resulted in armed splinter groups that would fight each other, not to mention against the government.

My support for the 2nd Amendment has very little to do with taking up arms against the government. My concern instead is about those who would bring harm to me or my family because of the color of our skin.

Scott Crockett, La Habra


To the editor: Our founding fathers were idealistic, educated men, but they were human. To understand some of what they did, follow the money. Most of them were slave owners or benefited from the slave trade.

We have to recognize the true history of the 2nd Amendment and understand its complicated writing. According to some historians, the 2nd Amendment was crafted to protect the safety of slave owners in case of slave revolt. The armed white militias could protect slave owners by crushing rebellions.

The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with self-protection or fear of big government.

Danute Handy, Santa Barbara


To the editor: I cannot imagine what all those little 9- and 10-year-olds, along with their teachers, were thinking while being held captive in their classroom, just wanting their parents to come help and save them.

And all you Republican congressmen should look in the mirror. During the Jan. 6 insurrection, you were hiding in closets, under desks and in locked offices. You were whisked away to safe rooms while officers tried to protect you from the mob.

Did these Texas little ones have the same opportunity? And you still can't vote for any type of gun control?

Lucinda Sanchez, Dana Point

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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