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Former US Marine rifle and pistol coach is fed up with gun nuts

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also i know for a fact a friends older brother bought a thompson sub machine gun in the late seventies. he paid huge money and i believe he had to have training of some kind but i will not say because someone will accuse me of being loose with the truth. he had to have a special license and it had to be clipped on his shirt or somewhere it can be seen. the gun had to be in the backseat or in the trunk. all of this is very true. i have no idea how often he had to reup his license but i know he said his first one was super pricey. they probably all were because i joined a band and saw him very little after that. in fact i think he was required to keep it in a gun safe as well. so what has happened since then and now? there are a million ways to handle this mess but no one is throwing out any kind of idea's and we still allow our school children to be shot down in school and some so bad they need DNA to prove who is who because they were turned into hamburger meat. it is shocking and immoral to continue to allow this to happen. people like ted cruz will burn in hell if there is one because he knows he is taking blood money and acting like less doors and crap will protect our children. i hope ted pays one day because he thinks more of people playing with guns than he does the people dying. and before you folks start bashing let me remind you talk is cheap. you watch what a person does and not what he says. ted in my personal opinion is smearing religion over his thirst for money and power. people say he is a man of faith and god so those weapons must be A O K! am i right? if anyone...ANYONE .........in these forums are not about gun control then in my personal opinion you have blood on your hands.

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