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Playoff Choices


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I know there’s a lot of hate for Bama. Let’s set that aside and talk about the committee’s decision. Do you agree with the playoff rankings? Why or why not?

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I’ll start. 

FSU got hosed and Texas should’ve been out. 

The argument for FSU: They won a power 5 conference, and went undefeated. Despite not having their starting QB, they found a way to beat a top 15 team to win the conference last night. They were left out because the committee didn’t think they’d be competitive without their starter. But they made that decision purely on their own opinions, and didn’t base it on what happened on the field. 

The argument for Bama: Despite losing to Texas with no offensive identity, the found that identity, rallied, and won out. They arguably had the best win of the year by ending UGA’s 2 season winning streak. 

Why Texas should be out: They won 1 big game all year… beating Bama. Take out that game, and their schedule is worse than FSU’s. They beat no other opponents ranked in the top 15. Their only other top 15 opponent was Oklahoma, who beat them. 

I’ll say, subjectively, I don’t think FSU was as good. But they did everything to earn that chance on the field. It was taken away purely because the committee “felt like” they weren’t as good, with no objective reason. So I think FSU should’ve replaced Texas in the playoff. 

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Another favor for Nick by the NCAA. 
Perhaps this will be the final straw to do in this corrupt and dysfunctional organization .

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