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When Landrieu needed buses...

Jenny AU-92

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Got them priorities straight, yessir!!! :no:


Baton Rouge Advocate | Nov. 10, 1996 | Unknown

Political Machine Turned Out Votes N.O. Style

10 November 1996

The Baton Rouge Advocate

Red beans, parades and a thousand people all were part of the push that got nearly 186,000 voters to New Orleans polls on Election Day and gave Democrat Mary Landrieu a U.S. Senate victory.

For instance, when the management team got word at 3:15 p.m. Tuesday that a GOP tracking poll showed Jenkins ahead, it was time for an instant parade. "Within 45 minutes, we arranged a motorcade," Tucker said. "We found Mary and Marc, got school buses for workers and sound trucks with music and put on a parade to flush out our voters."

"We moved them into the major housing project areas blowing horns and playing New Orleans music," Tucker said. "We were doing what we do best in New Orleans, having a parade." There were more parades in key areas during "surge time" - late afternoon and evening, when people get off work.

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No shortage of certified drivers when looking for votes, but to save lives, no can do!

A cold, callous person might say all those dead people in N.O. will be voting Democrat for years to come. But I better not say that.

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