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Colorado surpasses Texas


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:lol:http://coloradopols.com/archives/2005/10/h...n_campai_1.html :lol:

October 03, 2005

Holtzman Campaign Files Criminal Complaint Against Beauprez

We posted on Saturday that Republican Marc Holtzman's campaign was asking supporters for copies of an e-mail sent out by Republican Bob Beauprez's campaign for governor. We said at the time that while the request was suspicious, we weren't sure what Holtzman's camp was looking for.

Well, today John Zakhem, attorney for the Holtzman camp, filed a criminal complaint in Denver District Court against the Beauprez campaign for Theft of Proprietary Information, a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Apparently the Beauprez campaign sent out a mass fundraising e-mail last week to 6,500 addresses that all came from Holtzman's personal rolodex. How the Beauprez campaign got a hold of Holtzman's personal rolodex is another story, but reportedly both the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post are working on that right now.

The Holtzman camp has been collecting information and talking to people who received the e-mail and today filed the complaint after they felt they had enough evidence. It is up to the Denver DA to file criminal charges, but the Holtzman camp is contending that the pilfered list contained hundreds or thousands of names that were not identifiable donors and were only connected to the Colorado gubernatorial race because they are private friends and/or acquaintences of Holtzman.

If the charges are true, this is an incredibly stupid move on the part of the Beauprez campaign. They may try to explain this away as the work of a rogue supporter or something like that, but apparently the e-mails came from an address associated with Beauprez's campaign.

We'll update this story as we learn more. And once again, you heard it here on Colorado Pols first.

A Rolodex. A Cheneying fer chrissakes ROLODEX! :lol: What's next, stealing piggy banks from children to fund campaigns? This is worthy of the Democratic candidate for Spittle County Precinct Captain, not the Republican candidate for Governor...

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You may want to tell all of your friend's kids to hide their piggy banks. You know that President Bush and his Hitman, The Vice President, are out to get 'em! :D

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