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The origin of the four fingers and


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Before the younger Bammers begin to call us classless let them be either informed or reminded that the four finger "thing" originated with Paul "Bear' Bryant Coached teams.......

When Bryant was a younger coach, he frequently took teams that were down and rebuilt them. In doing so, he was a brutal taskmaster. His infamous camp at Texas A&M is famous as are his earlier practices at Alabama.

He gave the excuse, whether valid or not, that his teams would be better conditioned than any team they played and that as such, the fourth quarter belonged to them. To signify this, his players begin to hoist the four fingers at the beginning of the fourth quarter. After his demise several other teams begin doing the same thing. So, if we are classless, then let it be known to them that their coach and his team began it...........

Isn't it strange how the "Chicken comes home to roost."?

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