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CSTV SEC Road Trip on cstv.com!

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CSTV.com will spend a year inside SEC Football, as a dedicated team will travel the South during the 2006 football season. Their experiences will be chronicled as unique broadband programming on CSTV.com all season long.

The trip will begin August 31st in Starkville and conclude on December 2nd at the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta. It will cover close to 8,000 miles in 14 weeks, visiting all 12 SEC campuses and hitting 17 total games. The stops include traditional rivalries like Georgia-Florida, Alabama-Auburn and Mississippi State-Ole Miss, key non-conference games like USC-Arkansas and emotional stories like Tulane-LSU and Steve Spurrier's return to Florida.

But it is more than just a list of games, it is an immersion into the lifestyle and culture of SEC Football that encompasses the passion of the fans, the atmosphere of the events and the action on the field. With a week between most games, we will have time to tell stories from campuses across the South, to visit small towns and find the core beliefs that make up these loyal and devoted fan communities.

DATE SEC MATCHUP (17 games in 14 weeks)

Aug. 31 South Carolina at Mississippi State (Thursday)

Sept. 2 Cal at Tennessee

Sept. 9 Georgia at South Carolina

Sept 16 LSU at Auburn

Sept. 23 Alabama at Arkansas

Sept. 28 Auburn at South Carolina (Thursday)

Sept. 30 Mississippi State at LSU

Oct. 7 Tennessee at Georgia

Oct. 14 Florida at Auburn

Oct. 21 South Carolina at Vanderbilt (Homecoming)

Oct. 28 Georgia vs. Florida (at Jacksonville)

Nov. 4 Georgia at Kentucky

Nov. 11 South Carolina at Florida

Nov. 18 Auburn at Alabama

Nov. 24 LSU at Arkansas (at Little Rock, Friday)

Nov. 25 Mississippi State at Ole Miss

Dec. 2 SEC Championship Game (at Atlanta)

South Carolina (5), Auburn (4), Georgia (4), Florida (3), LSU (3), Mississippi State (3), Tennessee (2), Alabama (2), Arkansas (2), Ole Miss (1), Vanderbilt (1), Kentucky (1)

For more information go here:


and here... http://www.myspace.com/cstv_secroadtrip

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This seems like a cool thing, but you really shouldn't come in and spam someone's board without asking. I'm going to let it slide this time, but the next time you want to pimp your project here, PM me, DKW 86 or stoic-one first. It's just basic courtesy. And I'm not asking you for anything I don't expect myself to do. I promoted Fanspoll.com last season and went to dozens of boards, but I always asked permission first.


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I don't like that CSTV has the Auburn Network and has made a traditional source of Auburn information a pay site. I especially dislike that our Auburn troops in harms way will be forced to subscribe to CSTV in order to listen to Auburn sports. Auburn should be ashamed that it has done this to our troops and has refused to do anything about it.

CSTV can take its SEC road trip and punt. It's coverage isn't that good anyway.

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