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Auburn notebook, August 14

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Auburn notebook

Monday, August 14, 2006

Huntsville Times

Sunday's practice disappoints Tuberville

AUBURN - Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville wasn't happy after Sunday afternoon's practice. That meant his assistants weren't happy.

And that was bad news for Auburn players.

"It wasn't a good day," Tuberville said., "The defense was average. The offense wasn't very good. They weren't focused, weren't ready to practice. Slept too late, I guess. We aren't near ready to play a game. We've got too many people leaning on each other. We're going to have to do a lot of work between now and whenever."

With 10 players sidelined for various reasons, Tuberville saw little energy in Sunday's practice.

"I've watched it for a few days," Tuberville said. "You take about all you can take of it. Two-a-days are for practice and hard work, dedication to what you're going to do during the year. We haven't done that. Some have and some haven't."

Players ran wind sprints after practice, then got a lecture from Tuberville. Offensive and defensive linemen and wide receivers stayed later to run even more.

Cox takes rest: Junior quarterback Brandon Cox watched 11-on-11 work from behind the offensive huddle Sunday, giving his arm a day of rest.

Offensive coordinator Al Borges said it was a precautionary move. Cox missed a week with a sore arm during preseason practice last year.

"I didn't want the same thing to happen that happened last year," Borges said. "He's getting a lot of throws. He's just a little tired. I felt that hurt us a year ago. We lost our edge a little bit when he didn't practice."

Sophomore Blake Field ran the first team and freshmen Neil Caudle and Steven Ensminger alternated with the second team. They were victimized by a flurry of interceptions.

"It's just focus, listening," Tuberville said. "When you get your opportunity, you've got to take it. We didn't do that today."

Taylor on the mend: Senior wide receiver Courtney Taylor, who suffered a sprained knee Friday, was back on the field, dressed out and working with trainers Sunday. He said he expects to be back to full-speed in a matter of days. :clap:

He said it was frightening when he went down.

"I couldn't feel it for a second," Taylor said. "I kept telling myself 'It's not that bad.' I kept praying the whole time, and it wasn't."

Big day for Powers: Redshirt freshman cornerback Jarraud Powers, a former Decatur High School standout, picked off two passes Sunday, despite wearing a harness to protect an injured shoulder.

Even with senior David Irons out with a hamstring strain, Tuberville said the secondary had made progress.

"If I'd say one group is playing a little better than when we started, it would be the DBs," Tuberville said.

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Maybe he should try throwing some "nerf" footballs. No, wait, nevermind.

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Maybe he should try throwing some "nerf" footballs. No, wait, nevermind.

No worries folks.

Brandon was throwing first thing this morning. I think it had more to do with getting the other QB's reps.

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