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Pop versus Soda Versus Coke

Jenny AU-92

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Too funny - the map is GREAT. You can also go vote and register your input!

Link To Pop v Soda webpage


They should have included Soft Drink.

When speaking generically (like "Make sure to bring (insert word here) to the party") I would usually say soft drinks, or sometimes sodas.

Never Cokes unless I only expected them to bring CocaCola. Not if I expected Sprite or Dr. Pepper.

Actually, on second thought "beer" is probably the word for drink I would include in that sentence.

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It bothers me SOOOOO much when people call it "pop".

Especially since the people who call it pop pronounce it pap.

I am with you all the way... then there are those like when I was in South Dakota that called it soda (nasal 'o') pap, which bothered me to no end.

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