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how many blitz packages on average does a team have


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Right off the top of my head I can think of probally 75 or so. I can run through the ins and outs of some basic blitzs.

For example, in a basic 4-3 defense, you can blitz the middle linebacker while the secondary plays a cover two zone. Or with the same linebacker blitzing one corner could be playing man coverage on one side of the field with the free safety providing deep help or the safety could be in man coverage with a running back or tight end or middle reciever. On the other side of the field the outside linebacker could be in spy coverage on the running back while the secondary is in tight, middle, or soft coverage.

That is just from an every day sideline, couch sitting coach. I bet Muschamp has packages I have never even heard of or thought of. There is really no telling how many he actually has. :poke:

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