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AS a near coastal North Carolina resident I have an unhealthy interest in tropical storms.

Ernesto is in some shear now and will be for a little while more but not only has it maintained it has strengthened some.

At this point our LSU friends in particular who are interested in such things may want to keep an ear open about developments.

We are not talking landfall untill friday"ish" so a LOT can happen.

Now for political commment

Last year we were watching Katrina at this phase and people - including New Orleans disaster planners - were recognizing potential.

Where was Nagin and his "confrontational leadership style" then? (or now)

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You beat me to posting this. I had a link copied and read to past to my post when I saw yours. Great minds think alike. ;)

Yep, if this moves into the Gulf like they say it may, it could be a problem for opening weekend. Some models say some sheer in front of it could weaken it quite a bit, but other models are saying that the sheer will be gone by the time it gets to the Gulf. It is starting to slow down some and the Weather Channel folks say that is not good because it gives it more time to develop and for that sheer to be gone when it gets to the Gulf (look at me trying to sound like I know what the heck I am talking about).

As far as Nagin goes, he is too busy being critical about the rebuilding efforts at Ground Zero in NY. :rolleyes:

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Starting to look like it's headed more your way, now, tarheel. Good luck!

Latest predictions have it on a track to cross Florida back toward the Atlantic and near the South Carolina coast by Friday. It's also down to tropical storm status but could pick back up over Gulf waters. Better odds for gameday at Jordan-Hare, but my thoughts and prayers to those in its path.


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