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Mike Raita


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Mike Raita is an ass.

Last night ABC 33/40 sent Melissa Lee to cover the game while Raita stayed in studio. He would have been in Tuscaloosa, but I digress.

Melissa was enthused about the game and Auburn in general. She noted that AU was playing well and was now in first place in the SEC West.

Raita's comment? He snickered. "It's early yet. It's early," he said with a dismissive sneer.

What an ass.

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Guest Tigrinum Major

Here is my Raita story:

I was at an Oneonta-Locust Fork football game a few years ago and Raita jets in on his helicopter for his ridiculous Friday Night football show. He gets his clips in the third quarter and has some cheerleaders rub his head and such and acts like a teenage girl.

Between the third and fourth quarters, Locust Fork High School retires the colors and everyone stands and a chick plays "Taps" on a trumpet. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this practice, it's the same protocol as the National Anthem. You stand and show respect for the flag.

Well, Mr. Raita obviously had to be in Moody for some more clips, because he proceeds to prance across the field with his cameraman while the flag is being retired and "Taps" is being played.

Monday morning, I fired off an email that basically said that I found his actions disrespectful and inappropriate. He wrote back with a snotty email about how could I dare question his patriotism and that his father was in the Battle of the Bulge and he, himself, was almost accepted into the CIA. I wrote back and told him that I wasn't questioning his patriotism, but that his actions spoke louder than any words. I then asked him how he could justify his actions if he truly felt that way.

I never got a response.

I stopped watching ABC 33/40 news that day.

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