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I am sure not all Iranians want this, but they are being beaten into submission by the rulers.


b]Iran Religious Police Now Beating Women in Public[/b]

Gateway Pundit has the story and images exposing what happens to women who defy the Islamist dress code--they get brutally beaten. (HT LGF). I have been arguing for years why it is authentically feminist and progressive to argue for a military liberation of that nation, and this situation, among so many others, reinforces my conviction. But, of course, today's leftists are neither feminist nor progressive as they seethe and fume and argue for a complete abandonment of the women who are beaten, imprisoned, murdered and disappeared not only in Iran, but throughout the barbaric Islamist world.


I suppose when the world, even the United States, give you a pass for murdering innocent civilians worldwide, beating up and murdering your own women becomes that much easier.


Stoneage effing barbarians.

Gateway Pundit



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The feminist movement in the Western world is one of the most hypocritical, derelict movements out there.

Sure, they will pitch a s$%& fit when Don Imus refers to a bunch of black girls as "nappy headed hoes" but will remain silent when Muslim governments abuse their women who dare defy their authority. Women in Muslim countries basically have no rights. They cannot hold property. They have to dress a certain way. They cannot petition for divorce from their husbands who beat them, etc. Yet, do groups like NOW speak against these atrocities? Rarely, if ever. Ironically, it's the Christians who groups like NOW so detest that show more compassion for the plight of persecuted innocents in Muslim countries.

Iranian women are true beauties. It's ashame that this is the best government they could hope for at this time.

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I doubt you will see or hear anything about this from the left.

I hate it for them. It's sad to see anyone treated this way.

FREEDOM is worth the price that is paid.

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