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Holes in the "Best" teams


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# 7. Auburn: Passing game

New coordinator Tony Franklin has installed a version of the spread. The Tigers have a deep group of running backs who fit the offense nicely. But there are some issues at quarterback and wide receiver. At quarterback, Kodi Burns is a good runner, but his passing acumen is a mystery. Chris Todd is a good passer, but not as good a runner as Burns. The wide receiver group is even more of a mystery. Does Auburn have enough playmakers on the outside? Yes, the object of the spread is to, well, spread the field and get mismatches. But if your receivers don't scare anybody, defenses can key on the run. It's vital that receivers such as Tim Hawthorne, Rod Smith, Robert Dunn and James Swinton make defenses honest. Auburn will win the SEC West if the passing attack is adequate.

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