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Three Standout Freshman from last night


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#32 Eric Smith-runs like a tank knows how to follow his blockers, kinda reminded me of Ronnie Brown. Can't wait to see this kid mature!

#39 Spencer Pybus-This guy was all over the place on special teams and D. One big play I saw: Pybus levels one of the K.O. return blockers for ULM and then stopped the runner dead in his tracks-Totally destroyed that blocker mano-y-mano style. He was in on multiple plays from LB position.

#17 Josh Bynes-This guy is going to be a defensive nightmare for the opposing teams-The hit he put on the ULM wide receiver late in the 4th to stop their final drive was AWESOME it was replayed 3 times. I think he also was in on a sack(or maybe it was a stop for loss on RB?)-definitely made some plays behind the LOS.

:big: Mark my words: Pybus and Bynes=Thomas and Dansby

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