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Window closing on xCTT?


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Is window closing on Tommy Tuberville's coaching opportunities this year?

By Evan Woodbery

December 11, 2009, 9:37AM

(Todd Van Emst, Auburn)Tommy Tuberville last year against Vanderbilt.I was more convinced than anyone that Tommy Tuberville would get back into the coaching business after taking a year off.

But despite a handful of high-profile moves (like Notre Dame), this has been a relatively quiet season for coaching changes, and it may leave Tuberville without a destination.

Tuberville may be sensing that, as he has spoken openly with reporters about his interest in Notre Dame and now Kansas.

I figured Tuberville would find a destination that was warm and was willing to shell out good money. There haven't been many of those openings this year, and Tuberville narrowed the field further when he said he was only looking at BCS schools.

Let's look at the six BCS openings to this point....

Notre Dame: The Irish clearly got their man in Brian Kelly

Florida State: Designated line of succession to Jimbo Fisher.

Louisville: AD wanted Charlie Strong from the start.

Virginia: Same deal. AD knew Mike London, targeted him from beginning.

Kansas: ?????

Cincinnati: ?????

Am I forgetting any? There have been a few somewhat attractive non-BCS openings -- like Memphis and UNLV -- and some that are less attractive -- Akron and UL-Monroe, for instance. Tuberville doesn't seem interested in any of those.

So what if he doesn't grab a job this offseason? Certainly, he's not hurting for money. But for his coaching future, Tuberville he has to worry about sitting on the sidelines for two seasons. Dennis Franchione wants to get back into the biz and has stayed active through broadcasting, but he's had a tough time getting looks and his two-year absence hasn't helped his cause.

Of course, it's only early December, and there could be more changes to come. But I get the sense that the economy is forcing programs to be more cautious about bold changes unless there is no other choice. Next year might be a better time to be a free agent on the market. Tuberville just has to hope that's not too late.

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maybe he should take a step back and try to be a defensive coordinator. Its not like he needs the money and its a heck of a lot less stress. I would add him as a defensive mind. Or better yet an A.D. After what i saw at auburn he would be great for that job.

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