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Was Rush Right Again?


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Link to Article Referencing Academic Article

it appears that football games shown on ABC's mondya night football have an 11% higher viewership when at least one of the two teams start a black QB.

the academic article referenced cites the 'preference for diversity' by the younger demographic as the reason.

the "supports rush" argument goes like this, as far as i can tell:

rush said sports writers gave McNabb a pass because they want to see a black QB succeed.

this article finds a 'preference for diversity' effect among viewers when a black QB starts a MNF game.

is there any reason to suspect that sportswriters would not fall into this category?

if not, then they, too, would fall into this 'preference for diversity' grouping.

you then have to make the 'leap', saying sportswriters would give black QBs a break because they prefer seeing black QBs.



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Could it possibly be because most of the teams with aa QBs are exciting to watch??????

Falcons, Eagles, Vikes, and Titans are all pretty exciting offenses, IMO.

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