very thin’ Auburn safety position

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25 minutes ago, ScubaSteve said:

Any grad transfers a possibility?

I don't think we need 1 for 2017. It's 2018 & 19 I worry about.

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If we avoid injuries, we're going to be pretty dang good at Safety this year. As folks have said, it's next year that presents a hurdle.

I expect one or two of our current guys to move back. Whether that's Dean, Character, Dinson, or Thomas. Two of those guys are working at Nickel. To me, it seems only natural to cross-train Thomas at Safety. He's not an outside CB. Dean is obviously the most intriguing guy at CB or Safety because of his size. Dinson seems like a guy that is going to force his way into the playing rotation, whether that's at Nickel, CB, and/or Safety. I wouldn't be surprised to see him featured at Nickel while cross-training at one of the other spots.

If Roberts, Matthews, and Ruffin stay healthy all year, that's not much room for playing time in that rotation. Having guys at Nickel that can shift back to Safety may be the best way to secure some playing experience for next year's Safety rotation.

As for recruiting, I'd like to see us sign two HS Safeties and bring in a transfer or a JUCO guy as a bridge.

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Two points, this is why I said losing Irvin was bigger than most implied as no big deal when he left.

Second this is why I couldn't understand us not offering woods from Florence who was a life long Auburn fan AND a 4.0 GPA early enroll, who is already making waves at Michigan.......just stupid not to go after him

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