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Dual-Threat Rigby

part of 3/4 Wk 11 upsets since 2014

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Playoff era:

    • 2014: No. 3 Auburn^, No. 7 Kansas State, No. 8 Michigan State, No. 10 Notre Dame
    • 2015: No. 6 Baylor, No. 7 Stanford^, No. 9 LSU^, No. 10 Arizona*
    • 2016: No. 2 Clemson^, No. 3 Michigan*, No. 4 Washington, No. 8 Texas A&M^, No. 9 Auburn*
    • 2017: No. 1 Georgia, No. 3 Notre Dame, No. 6 TCU, No. 9 Washington*

If we win tomorrow we’d be 2-2 in this scenario

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