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When okoro turns that corner, and he’s starting too, that guy is a big time player 

I don't know how many realize this but we were a 2.5 dog last night despite being the ranked team. Time should prove this to be a real good win. Definitely a Tier 2 & maybe a Tier 1 win.

Great win. Davidson is a tournament team. 

1 minute ago, Dual-Threat Rigby said:

Thought this was FIBA with the running clock 

The shot clock just stopped running for 6 seconds. The refs reviewed it and was like, "Nah, it's good fam. Go to the locker room without the last possession"

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2 minutes ago, auburntiger1987 said:

Refs screw us out of another possession, got sloppy the last 5 minutes plus tv teddy wanting to get his tv time in and we see a 13 point lead dwindle. Need to come out sharp and put the game away like we had the chance to this half. And turbo needs to stay on the bench

Turbo really really needs the game to slow down. I know BP had a similar situation with JVon last year initially. But I don’t remember Jvon being this much of a problem

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We need to find a ball handler. We have a serious deficit at point guard at this point. Also we are not getting the offensive boards like we should . We been sloppy bring the ball down and some of the fouls AU has committed have been sloppy play. All of that will get better as they play together ( I hope) Wiley looks good inside Mc doesn’t seem to be where he was last year . That said they have all the talent for another March run, just need to refine some things. 

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