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Men vs Ole Miss


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I don't like the uniforms AU wore tonight. To me they look like they came from a Goodwill store.

I always breathe a sigh of relief when we win in Oxford. Over the years we've played some of our worst games there. I recall Coach Bob Davis having his team get off the bus about 5:00 AM, starting a fire behind Beard-Eaves and making the players burn their uniforms because they stunk it up so bad in Oxford.

We'd be in one helluva fix if we hadn't acquired Broome through the portal.

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5 hours ago, AUBwins said:

Every game with Kremit is a freaking ugly frustration. Just ask @GwillMac6 He hates that guy lol





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12 hours ago, Auburn Tiger said:

Gotta hand it to ol sis. She can shoot a three ball. 

That's for sure. They hit 5 or 6 straight at one point after we went up by 14. Glad Green got hot during that streak.

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13 hours ago, woodford said:

I wasn’t able to watch the Arkansas or OM game but I watched the Georgia game. Guess I’m bad luck! WDE

Don't watch anymore games please!!!:poke:

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