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LSU student raped and hit by a car

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If you haven’t been following this story, it is so sad.  She was at a local bar, drunk…said her friends left her so she left with 4 guys who may or may not have raped her (those details are still coming out) then left her by the side of the road in a dark area where she was hit by a car and killed. 

Her BAC was close to 4X the legal limit and IMO they should be charged with rape as they admitted they knew how drunk she was and that she was walking very unstable, slurring her words, etc.   No one in that condition can give informed consent.  I feel the “consensual sex” story was offered up because they knew an autopsy would show one or multiple of them had sex with her, but that is only my opinion.  

Unfortunately, college kids are going to go out and they are going to drink but PLEASE advise your daughters (and sons for that matter) to stay together and never leave a friend behind at a bar no matter how much they protest.  They need to understand how important it is to protect each other when they are out, I know BR is a bigger city than Auburn but these people still go to these bars where they know college aged girls will be.  

When I was at AU I always traveled in “packs” and no way would I stay out at a bar alone or allow one of my girlfriends to stay especially if I knew she was drinking and/or drunk.  Just too much can happen.   Our sorority had multiple “sober sisters” that we knew we could call if we needed them.  

Prayers for her family and friends, especially the ones she was with that night. This has to be bearing very hard on them. 

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With a few exceptions, these sad incidents happen to people who are drunk and leave a bar/club walking alone and late at night. It's too bad that this sort of thing happens so frequently.

Back in those good ol' days we knew not to leave someone behind who came with us. That was the first rule of honky tonkin'. "Nobody left behind & nobody leaves alone"! Maybe the universities should have a required course: "How to Handle Yourself in Your New Environment".

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