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At this point, we all should stop and go check our homes for classified documents

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1 minute ago, jj3jordan said:

I’m sorry he has passed but he did well to make E9.  I have heard the same regarding Hillary but sounds like the military trusted your brother.  I think the civilians on here and other boards do not understand the protection of classified and how important it is. Ask Japan about Yamamoto and how he met his demise at the hands of the 70th fighter squadron at Bougainville.

He was located at the little White House (what he called it) in Seoul. I'm not sure exactly what security clearance he had, but I believe he said it was NATO clearance. Sounds pretty high because I believe he said him and his team often reviewed military satelite images. His day-to-day was mostly reviewing, classifying, filtering and briefing the Commanders from NATO and U.S. Services.

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3 hours ago, creed said:

My brother was stationed in Seoul and filtered secret information, including satellite images,  and briefed NATO alliance and American commanders. Occasionally, he had to brief and inform Hillary Clinton. She was not well respected. At least that’s what I gathered from our discussions. He was extremely tight with what he could discuss. He has since passed but retired as an E9. 

I can tell you the Secret Service didn't like her either.

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