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Look, I know this new "news" or whatever you call it has hit some hard.  It is sensational journalism.

BUT, by going into meltdown, you are putting your faith and trusting the word of a KNOWN scumbag (not disputed by anyone) over our coaches, administration, and University.

We quote the creed, we talk about it, well, guess what.....THIS IS WHEN WE NEED THE CREED.  The Creed is in place for times like this.  So, buck it up, put your faith in those that have earned our faith and trust.

Until something CONCRETE comes out, no one needs to freak out.  We need to support our program and our players, cause God knows those boys need it right now.  They need each and every one of us behind them.


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I agree with you 100%...  No one has implicated AUBURN.... NO ONE... Not Rogers, Not Bonds, etc...

The only think that bothered me was the "recruiters", but not sure who that is... still have a hard time believing MSU coaches are talking to the media... they have nothing to gain by doing that.. Nothing...

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