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And the worst fanbase of the year goes to.....


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I have been looking for a place to say this for the past few days. I was in mid sentence typing replies on FB and the AJC blogs, but finally figured "what is the point" and deleted my posts. At least if I post here, I know I won't add too much fuel to the fire. The gist of what I wanted to say:

I was raised in Athens and I am a UGA fan 364 days a year. I went to AU and love Auburn dearly. This game is always bitter sweet for me as my dad is huge diehard UGA fan. I sat with my dad in the UGA section.

There was a UGA guy screaming disparaging comments the entire game about about Cam and AU. He actually said that the onside kick was chicken sh-t and that #11 deserved to be injured because of it. I think at one point he was actually crying because Cam was running wild on them. I was embarrassed for him.

Most of the blogs I have read actually hope for Fairly and Cam to have their legs broken. UGA fans biggest beef is the way Fairly played saying he was trying to hurt Murray, but then they turn around and hope for and celebrate injuries. What kind of person hopes for an 18-20 kid to have his career ended?

Some UGA fans were laughing at the song we play before kick off's, but I guess if you hear it 6 or 7 times a game it can get annoying!

They also scoffed at the "Na na na na, Hey Hey goodbye". I don't really like it either, but the UGA fans said "we never play that song". Trust me, I have left Sanford stadium several times and been disgusted with the slurs being thrown at me and my wife.

My biggest frustration is the hypocrisy and nose in the air attitudes from the UGA fans. Every fan base has idiots. Every program has a player like Fairly (whom you love to have and would hate to play against) come through. Every program has the big time star play maker. Every game has late/big hits. Every game a questionable ref call. Every game has to end poorly for 1 team. Every program has it's up and downs. So to say "our guys would never do that" and actually believe it is just plain stupid and hypocritical.

One post said he was going to key every car in Athens that had an AU sticker on it. Really?!?

There are a lot of sour grapes in Georgia today. The blogs are filled with comments about paying players and ref's. Being a AU fan first and a UGA fan second I have to say I am embarrassed at the way the game ended, but equally as embarrassed about the way UGA fans are acting.

I love the rivalry of AU vs UGA. I don't want to see this get ugly like the UGA vs UF rivalry. That game is nasty. I like to think of AU/UGA as being like 2 brothers fighting hard to win, but hugging and shaking hands after the game. Based on the comments coming out of Georgia today, their fan base is nasty, pissed, and just plain mean spirited about the loss.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

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LSU has gotten a lot worse after all the Cam talk (I live in Louisiana.)  It is unbearable since their only loss to Auburn by a TD (That game was wrose than the score ... why did we take a knee.)  I am sick of hearing we are winning because we cheated mess.  I know them winning would help us but I want them to lose at least 1 maybe both games just to shut them up.

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