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The WSJ likes us; I feel better!


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You know what...I am at the point that I DON'T CARE who claims to like us.  I like the "us against the world mentality".

I have never bought into the "media against Auburn" until this crap....I am now a full fledged card carrying member. 

No matter what happens, no matter how loud Auburn/NCAA/FBI scream our innocence from the rooftops when this is all laid to rest, we will always have this cloud.

We will always be looked at as cheaters.

Cam will carry this thru the remainder of his college career and his NFL career.

The Newton's reputation has been trashed.

Even when you present facts now, they are completely ignored or deleted to keep the flames going. 

For example...on XXX (what a hack!) he posted a story about the hiring of Chizik and Gouge.  The story was FULL of errors.  A poster called him on it, as did i, producing links to facts and he keeps deleting them.  He claims in the story that Tigers Unlimited keeps the finances a secret, and when the other poster posted a link to those PUBLIC disclosures, XXX immediately deleted it. 

Other fans bases have taken the Pat Dye no show on Finebaum and ran with it as some big conspiracy.  Even when you show them the FACTS that he was in GA for a speaking engagement, they ignore it.  The conspiracy is so much better to talk about.

No one wants to see the truth.  The truth does not make a sexy story.  *Sigh*

Sorry for the rant....I am just sick of Auburn being trashed.  Absolutely sick of it. 

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