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Spring Practice - Your Thoughts?


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It seems like we have a position battle at every single level.

QB- Looks like Trotter is the guy but there will be a race.

RB- Dyer and OMac have it locked up for the large part, but there is always competition for tocuhes.

WR- Blake is the only safe bet. Benton, Carr, Reed, Richardson, and Stallworth will all be jockeying for position and be used in different way.

HB- Lutz and Smith have it pretty well covered.

T- Mosley and Green most likely. Sullen (and possibly Kouandjio) could earn some PT.

G- Take your pick, really. I am gonna go with Mack and Bostrom, but I could definitely be wrong.

C- I think it's between Dismukes and Burgess. I would love to see Dismukes as a 4- year guy.

DE- Lemonier and Eguae start, but Coach Rock will mix in Bono, Ford, and Sanders very well.

DT- A lot of inexperience. Whitaker is a given, I think. Personally I think Carter gets the other starting nod.

OLB- Bates and Freeman, with Evans being a significant alternate.

MLB- Holland looks like he is the heir to Bynes. Owens could push for time as well.

CB- Thorpe and T-Bell start, but guys like rose or Chris Davis can push them for PT.

FS- D. McNeal, Jonathan Mincy, or Erique Florence.

SS- M. McNeil

Wasn't Bostrom a SR this past season? I think Westerman will get one of those spots.


And I look for Bonomolo to move to D-Line after some weight gain

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You guys are really tripping about the "QB race". Kiehl will have what 10-15 practices in before the first game and you think there will be a race? That is ludicrous. Compare it to Cam if you want but Cam had actually played college football before. If any kind of race it's between Trotter and Mosely.

Just because Frazier's the new guy don't just go writing off the older guys.

Frazier's been in the Gus Malzahn system for 4+ years, if I've read everything correctly.  Not saying he starts, but I definitely think he gets the opportunity to build character and will play.

This coaching staff has not let politics (i.e. fans) intervene in who starts at QB.  I have full confidence that the right guy will line up under center (or shotgun).  They are the polar opposite to our last coaching staff.  Under exCTT, I could have expressed interest in Josh Bynes starting at QB and we would have seen it come Saturday!  :o

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