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Dad Gum- Yea CK would be great but this is a great class without him


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I so agree and since I am not the x and o type fan, but a "athlete" young man fan, I know that our coaches got players who first of all want to be at Auburn, are team players, and realize that being at Auburn is really something special. HEART plays a bigger part sometimes than skills--haven't we proved that over and over this year! How proud we should be with our head coach and all the work and class that he always shows. Did anyone catch the "other" coach's press conference!!!! As a mother, I would NEVER let my child be under this man's rule. I hope that Cyrus will come to Auburn and live a dream that he can not imagine, but if he wants something different, here's wishing him the best. We have a whole new group of "kids" to welcome to our family! Let's show them how excited we are to have them here!!!

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AU WINS no matter! By the numbers AU has WON the SCOUT.COM RECRUITING CHAMPIONSHIP no matter if UA strong arms CK away.

Anyone else heard that Saban has treaten to pull CK's brother's sch'ship not just bench him at UA if CK comes to AU ? I hear Saban has to lose nine players to make room for this class. If true this is as LOW as it gets...

GREAT JOB coaches, staff and players in this years recruiting. You all are TRULY CHAMPIONS !!!

:wareagle:  :wareagle:  :wareagle:

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