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Predict FAU score


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I know we haven't been the best defense in the country, but 31 points to a team who has scored 3 points all year!?!


I can see them scoring more than 3 points, but no where near 31.

Auburn: 52

FAU: 9

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I see a big win and lots of players getting in on the act.  I don't believe they are much more than a scout team at best.  I just hope for a good win, and no injuries.  Hopefully, the defensive maladies get corrected in this game with several huge opponents coming up.

War Eagle!!


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63-0...we shut em out...if we dont I'm gonna puke up rotel dip on st and stat

lmweho!!! I, too, am hoping for a shutout, minus the rotel puking!

AU 52

Owls 0

l00king fwd to Tiger Walk, the game & rolling Toomer's afterwards! WDE!!!

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It's football season now, Golf.  Baseball season is over.

:) that was the score a few years ago for the MS ST game! It could happen. Hope not, but possible!

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